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In-Person Bible Study

Do you wish to know more about the Bible? Are you searching for answers or perhaps a deeper understanding? We believe that the Bible can meet your every need, and the very best way to learn the Bible is to have someone personally teach it to you.


If you live in the Brazosport, Texas area, one of our members can come to your house, or you can meet them at our church building. Just drop us a line, and we will find a time and place that is right for you. 


We will be teaching the Bible study, A Reasonable Faith, in two sessions. Each lesson will last approximately one hour, and it will deliver to you the most important truth of the Bible; how sinful man can be made right with a holy God.


There is no obligation on your part. These lessons are totally free. We only want to be a blessing to those in our community.


If you are interested, please drop us a line below, and we will contact you to set up something.

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